Sunday, 14 October 2012

The child is part of the family and the family, in turn, is part of the community. We work for the children, their families their communities as well, as they are interdependent where development is concerned. Community development as a part of Education Sponsorship covers various activities for the community in general, within our working framework. The activities differ according to the location of the project. As in slums, since the Government takes care of the civic infrastructure, we focus more on the strengthening of CBOs like Self help groups and women and youth groups, whereas in the rural areas our focus shifts towards infrastructural development. 


Hobby classes 

There are quite a few school dropout girls in the community. To engage them in some skills training and to help them to get self-employment, hobby classes are conducted by CFI.  


Understanding the significance of inculcating the habit of reading among children, we have started libraries of books at the community level. Children enjoy reading books, which usually they cannot avail by themselves. It is also noticed that children enjoy watching T.V. and they just watch without understanding the value of it. So to divert them towards "good" watching, we have started CD libraries as well. 

Self help groups 

Knowing very well how SHGs can play a positive role in the lives of individuals concerned, CFI is emphatic about strengthening the existing SHGs as well as building new ones. These groups not only give the back up of money to the members but also can work as a pressure group in the communities.